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import os
import sys
import requests
import pdb
class Gitea:
name = 'Gitea API wrapper'
def __init__(self, api_base_url=None, access_token=None, session=None):
self.__gitea_config_path = "config/gitea.txt"
is_setup = self.__check_setup(self)
if is_setup:
self.__api_base_url = self.__get_parameter("api_base_url", self.__gitea_config_path)
self.__access_token = self.__get_parameter("access_token", self.__gitea_config_path)
self.__api_base_url, self.__access_token = self.__setup(self)
if session:
self.session = session
self.session = requests.Session()
def register_user(self, email, username, passwd):
data = {'email':email,
endpoint = self._Gitea__api_base_url + f'/api/v1/admin/users?access_token={self._Gitea__access_token}'
response = self.__api_request('POST', endpoint, data)
is_registered = response.ok
message = response.json()['message']
return (is_registered, message)
def list_users(self):
data = {
endpoint = self._Gitea__api_base_url + f'/api/v1/admin/users?token={self._Gitea__access_token}'
response = self.__api_request('GET', endpoint, data)
response_ok = response.ok
user_list = response.json()
return (response_ok, user_list)
def __check_setup(self):
is_setup = False
if not os.path.isfile(self.__gitea_config_path):
print(f"File {self.__gitea_config_path} not found, running setup.")
is_setup = True
return is_setup
def __setup(self):
if not os.path.exists('config'):
api_base_url = input("Gitea API base url, in ex. 'https://yourgitea.instance': ")
access_token = input("Gitea access token: ")
if not os.path.exists(self.__gitea_config_path):
with open(self.__gitea_config_path, 'w'): pass
print(f"{self.__gitea_config_path} created!")
with open(self.__gitea_config_path, 'a') as the_file:
print("Writing gitea parameters to " + self.__gitea_config_path)
the_file.write(f'api_base_url: {api_base_url}\n'+f'access_token: {access_token}\n')
return (api_base_url, access_token)
def __get_parameter(parameter, file_path ):
with open( file_path ) as f:
for line in f:
if line.startswith( parameter ):
return line.replace(parameter + ":", "").strip()
print(f'{file_path} Missing parameter {parameter}')
def __api_request(self, method, endpoint, data):
response = self.session.request(method, url = endpoint, data = data)
except Exception as e:
raise GiteaNetworkError(f"Could not complete request: {e}")
if response is None:
raise GiteaIllegalArgumentError("Illegal request.")
if not response.ok:
if isinstance(response, dict) and 'error' in response:
error_msg = response['error']
elif isinstance(response, str):
error_msg = response
error_msg = None
except ValueError:
error_msg = None
if response.status_code == 404:
ex_type = GiteaNotFoundError
if not error_msg:
error_msg = 'Endpoint not found.'
# this is for compatibility with older versions
# which raised GiteaAPIError('Endpoint not found.')
# on any 404
elif response.status_code == 401:
ex_type = GiteaUnauthorizedError
elif response.status_code == 422:
return response
elif response.status_code == 500:
ex_type = GiteaInternalServerError
elif response.status_code == 502:
ex_type = GiteaBadGatewayError
elif response.status_code == 503:
ex_type = GiteaServiceUnavailableError
elif response.status_code == 504:
ex_type = GiteaGatewayTimeoutError
elif response.status_code >= 500 and \
response.status_code <= 511:
ex_type = GiteaServerError
ex_type = GiteaAPIError
raise ex_type(
'Gitea API returned error',
return response
# Exceptions
class GiteaError(Exception):
"""Base class for exceptions"""
class GiteaIOError(IOError, GiteaError):
"""Base class for I/O errors"""
class GiteaNetworkError(GiteaIOError):
"""Raised when network communication with the server fails"""
class GiteaAPIError(GiteaError):
"""Raised when the gitea API generates a response that cannot be handled"""
class GiteaServerError(GiteaAPIError):
"""Raised if the Server is malconfigured and returns a 5xx error code"""
class GiteaInternalServerError(GiteaServerError):
"""Raised if the Server returns a 500 error"""
class GiteaBadGatewayError(GiteaServerError):
"""Raised if the Server returns a 502 error"""
class GiteaServiceUnavailableError(GiteaServerError):
"""Raised if the Server returns a 503 error"""
class GiteaGatewayTimeoutError(GiteaServerError):
"""Raised if the Server returns a 504 error"""
class GiteaNotFoundError(GiteaAPIError):
"""Raised when the gitea API returns a 404 Not Found error"""
class GiteaUnauthorizedError(GiteaAPIError):
"""Raised when the gitea API returns a 401 Unauthorized error
This happens when an OAuth token is invalid or has been revoked,
or when trying to access an endpoint that can't be used without
authentication without providing credentials."""