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import os
import sys
import requests
import pdb
class Gitea:
name = 'Gitea API wrapper'
def __init__(self, api_base_url=None, access_token=None):
self.__gitea_config_path = "config/gitea.txt"
is_setup = self.__check_setup(self)
if is_setup:
self.__api_base_url = self.__get_parameter("api_base_url", self.__gitea_config_path)
self.__access_token = self.__get_parameter("access_token", self.__gitea_config_path)
self.__api_base_url, self.__access_token = self.setup(self)
def register_user(self, email, username, passwd):
data = {'email':email,
API_ENDPOINT = self.__api_base_url + '/api/v1/admin/users?'
response = = API_ENDPOINT + 'access_token=' + self.__access_token, data = data)
is_registered = response.ok
message = response.json()['message']
return (is_registered, message)
def list_users(self):
data = {
API_ENDPOINT = self._Gitea__api_base_url + '/api/v1/admin/users?'
response = requests.get(url = API_ENDPOINT + 'token=' + self._Gitea__access_token, data = data)
response_ok = response.ok
user_list = response.json()
return (response_ok, user_list)
def __check_setup(self):
is_setup = False
if not os.path.isfile(self.__gitea_config_path):
print(f"File {self.__gitea_config_path} not found, running setup.")
is_setup = True
return is_setup
def setup(self):
if not os.path.exists('config'):
api_base_url = input("Gitea API base url, in ex. 'https://yourgitea.instance': ")
access_token = input("Gitea access token: ")
if not os.path.exists(self.__gitea_config_path):
with open(self.__gitea_config_path, 'w'): pass
print(f"{self.__gitea_config_path} created!")
with open(self.__gitea_config_path, 'a') as the_file:
print("Writing gitea parameters to " + self.__gitea_config_path)
the_file.write(f'api_base_url: {api_base_url}\n'+f'access_token: {access_token}\n')
return (api_base_url, access_token)
def __get_parameter(parameter, file_path ):
with open( file_path ) as f:
for line in f:
if line.startswith( parameter ):
return line.replace(parameter + ":", "").strip()
print(f'{file_path} Missing parameter {parameter}')