Documentation for processing unknown events in streaming.

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@ -1275,6 +1275,19 @@ The streaming functions take instances of `StreamListener` as the `listener` par
A `CallbackStreamListener` class that allows you to specify function callbacks
directly is included for convenience.
For new well-known events implement the streaming function in `StreamListener` or `CallbackStreamListener`.
The function name is `on_` + the event name. If the event-name contains dots, use an underscore instead.
E.g. for `'status.update'` the listener function should be named as `on_status_update`.
It may be that future Mastodon versions will come with completely new (unknown) event names. In this
case a (deprecated) would throw an error. If you want to avoid this in general, you can
override the listener function `on_unknown_event`. This has an additional parameter `name` which informs
about the name of the event. `unknown_event` contains the content of the event.
Alternatively, a callback function can be passed in the `unknown_event_handler` parameter in the
`CallbackStreamListener` constructor.
When in not-async mode or async mode without async_reconnect, the stream functions may raise
various exceptions: `MastodonMalformedEventError` if a received event cannot be parsed and
`MastodonNetworkError` if any connection problems occur.
@ -1294,6 +1307,7 @@ StreamListener
.. automethod:: StreamListener.on_notification
.. automethod:: StreamListener.on_delete
.. automethod:: StreamListener.on_conversation
.. automethod:: StreamListener.on_unknown_event
.. automethod:: StreamListener.on_abort
.. automethod:: StreamListener.handle_heartbeat