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A note on versioning: This librarys major version will grow with the APIs
version number. Breaking changes will be avoided as far as at all possible.
* 2.0 id compatibility (thanks codl)
* Added emoji support
* Media alt-text support (thanks foozmeat)
* Python2 fixes (thanks ragingscholar)
* General code cleanup and small fixes (thanks codl)
* Beginnings of better error handling (thanks Elizafox)
* Various documentation updates
* Emergency fix to allow logging in to work (thanks codl)
* BREAKING CHANGE: Added date parsing to the response parser
* Added notification dismissal
* Added conversation muting
* Updated documentation
* Added asynchronous mode for the streaming API
* Fixed several bugs (thanks ng-0, LogalDeveloper, Chronister, Elizafox, codl, lambadalambda)
* Improved code style (thanks foxmask)
* Added support for domain blocks
* Updated the documentation to reflect API changes
* Added support for pagination (Thanks gled-rs, azillion)
* Fixed various bugs (Thanks brrzap, fumi-san)
* Added support for OAuth2 (Thanks to azillon)
* Added support for several new endpoints (Thanks phryk, aeonofdiscord, naoyat)
* Fixed various bugs (Thanks EliotBerriot, csu, edsu)
* Added support for streaming API (Thanks wjt)
* Fixed several bugs (Thanks to Psycojoker, wjt and wxcafe)
* Added support for spoiler text (Thanks to Erin Congden)
* Added support for mute functionality (Thanks to Erin Congden)
* Added support for getting favourites (Thanks to Erin Congden)
* Added support for follow requests (Thanks to Erin Congden, again)
* Added to allow for conda packaging (Thanks, pmlandwehr)
* Fixed previous fix (Thank you,
* Fixed an app creation bug (Thank you,
* Added support for toot privacy (thanks fpietsche)
* Removed functions and documentation for APIs that have been removed
* Documentation is now vastly improved thanks to / girlsim
* Rate limiting code - can now attempt to respect rate limits
* Several small bug fixes, consistency fixes, quality-of-life improvements
* Added timeline_*() functions for consistency. timeline() functions as before.
* Clarified documentation in various places.
* Added previously-undocumented notifications() - API that gets a users notifications.
* Initial Release