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# Fediverse Stats
This code gets all peers from running Mastodon or Pleroma host server and then all peers from host server's peers. Goal is to collect maximum number
of alive fediverse's servers and then query their API to obtain their registered users (if their API provide such information).
At the end it post the results to host server bot account.
### Dependencies
- **Python 3**
- Postgresql server
- Mastodon or Pleroma running server.
### Usage:
Within Python Virtual Environment:
1. Run `python` to setup and create new Postgresql database and needed tables in it.
2. Run `python` to get your bot's access token of your Mastodon or Pleroma server existing account. It will be saved to 'secrets/secrets.txt' for further use.
3. Run `python` to get all peers from your host and the whole world of fediverse's servers (or almost the whole world).
4. Run `python` to query world alive servers API.
5. Use your favourite scheduling method to set to run regularly.
Note: install all needed packages with 'pip install package' or use 'pip install -r requirements.txt' to install them.