Mail those more than six months inactive users of your Mastodon server and delete them from your database if they don't reply after 30 days of receiving this warning email.
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Mail your Mastodon server inactive users and track their feedback.

This code written in Python get all more than six months inactive users from your Mastodon's database and email them with the subject and message of your choice. Then, inactive users data is stored into new created Postgresql database to track feedback and status. Run periodically to catch 'new' inactive users and update the elapsed days of the already emailed ones.


  • Python 3
  • Postgresql server
  • Mastodon server (admin)


Within Python Virtual Environment:

  1. Run python to set database parameters and create needed database and table. All collected data of inactive users (see point 3) will be written there.

  2. Run python to set your SMTP parameters and desired email subject. Also set your Mastodon's full path. They will be saved to secrets/secrets.txt for further use.

  3. Run python to start emailing your inactive users (current_sign_in_at column older than six months). Their username, account_id, email, delivery status (True if successful) and delivery date will be written to Postgresql database. There is another column, deleted, False by default. Will be useful to track deleted/not deleted inactive users if you choose to do so.

  4. Use your favourite scheduling method to set to run regularly. Column 'elapsed_days' of mailing's database will be updated so you can decide actions after some time.

  5. Run python to delete all inactive users who replied yes to deletion and all the rest with no feedback after 31 days period from the warning email.

  6. Run python to set True or False any of following mailing_db_table columns: to_be_deleted, feedback and recipient_error. Useful after emailed user's feedback.

Note: install all needed packages with pip install -r requirements.txt