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search_end: end
search_move: move
search_new: new
search_games: games
search_send: send
search_config: conf
search_help: help
search_draw: draw
new_game_started: game started! Waiting for the second player...
playing_with: you play with
your_turn: it's your turn
game_name: game
chess_hashtag: #chess
send_error: sending anotations error :-(
game_number_anotations: the anotations of game n.
anotations_sent: succesfully sent!
game_no_exists: the game n.
cant_send_to_fediverse_account: not possible yet :-(
it_not_exists: don't exists...
game_already_started: you already started a game!
wait_other_player: wait for the second player
is_not_legal_move: is not a legal move. Play again.
check_done: you are in check!
check_mate: it's a checkmate! (in
check_mate_movements: moves)
the_winner_is: The winner is:
well_done: well done!
winned_games: Won games:
wins_of_many: of
lost_piece: * you have lost
not_legal_move_str: not a legal move!
player_leave_game: has left the game with
leave_waiting_game: you have left the game in hold.
started_games: started games:
game_is_waiting: on hold...
game_is_on_going: (on going)
no_on_going_games: no games
is_not_your_turn: it's not your turn.
is_the_turn_of: it's the turn of
pawn_piece: a pawn
knight_piece: one knight
bishop_piece: one bishop
rook_piece: a rook
queen_piece: the Queen
king_piece: the King
pawn_piece_letter: P
knight_piece_letter: N
bishop_piece_letter: B
rook_piece_letter: R
queen_piece_letter: Q
king_piece_letter: K
email_subject: Anotations of game n.
start_or_join_a_new_game: new (start a new game or join a waiting one)
move_a_piece: move e2e3 (in ex.)
leave_a_game: end (to leave the game any time)
list_games: games (show an on going games list)
get_a_game_anotation: send 1 (send the game in pgn format.)
show_help: help (show this help so, it's the help of the help)
stalemate_str: stalemate! game is over.
ask_for_draw: draw
claim_draw_str: had claimed draw to
draw_and_str: and
agreed_draw_str: agreed draw.
claim_a_draw: draw (to claim/accept a draw)
search_panel: panel
panel_title_str: Panel of
panel_games_str: Games
panel_wins_str: Wins
panel_ratio_str: Ratio
post_my_panel_str: panel (post player stats)
locale_change_successfully: language sucessfully changed to
locale_not_changed: is not supported yet :-(
change_lang_str: conf en (to configure the bot in english)
panel_elo_rating_str: Elo