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2022-02-16 18:43:30 +01:00
# Replicator
2022-02-18 18:29:47 +01:00
Replicator can manage several Mastodon or Pleroma's bot accounts who will replicate (post to Mastodon/Pleroma) several Twitter accounts's tweets of your choice.
2022-02-16 18:43:30 +01:00
### Dependencies
- **Python 3**
- Postgresql server
2022-02-18 18:29:47 +01:00
- Several Mastodon or Pleroma's bot accounts
2022-02-16 18:43:30 +01:00
- One Twitter user account API KEY and SECRET
- Your personal Linux or Raspberry box.
### Usage:
Within Python Virtual Environment:
1. Run `pip install -r requirements.txt` to install needed libraries.
2. Run `python` to setup and create new Postgresql database and needed table in it.
3. Run `python` to input and save your Twitter's key and access token. You can get your API key and API key secret from [Twitter Developer Platform](
2022-02-18 18:29:47 +01:00
4. Run `python` to setup your Mastodon or Pleroma's bot accounts access tokens, so many as you wish. Each bot will replicate (post to Mastodon) all new tweets from each configured Twitter's users.
2022-02-16 18:43:30 +01:00
5. Use your favourite scheduling method to set `python` to run every minute.
2022-02-18 18:29:47 +01:00
18.2.2022 **New feature**. Added Pleroma support.
25.2.2022 **New feature**. Added menu to create, delete or list bots.
28.3.2022 **New feature**. Added Activation/Deactivation of any single bot.