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2022-12-03 14:07:01 +01:00
% Folding + calendar example from the PGF manual.
% Author: Till Tantau
:Title: Foldable dodecahedron with Calendar
:Tags: Calendars; Manual
:Author: Till Tantau
An example of the folding library and the folding library, straight from
the manual.
\ifcase#1\or Gener\or Febrer\or Març\or Abril\or Maig\or Juny\or Juliol\or Agost\or Setembre\or Octubre\or Novembre\or Desembre\fi
\begin{tikzpicture}[transform shape,
every calendar/.style={
week list,
month label above centered,
month text=\bfseries\textcolor{Col_mes}{\%mt} \%y0,
if={(Saturday) [Col_dissabte!90]},
if={(Sunday) [Col_diumenge]}
folding line length=2.5cm,
face 1={ \calendar [dates=\any-01-01 to \any-01-last];},
face 2={ \calendar [dates=\any-02-01 to \any-02-last];},
face 3={ \calendar [dates=\any-03-01 to \any-03-last];},
face 4={ \calendar [dates=\any-04-01 to \any-04-last];},
face 5={ \calendar [dates=\any-05-01 to \any-05-last];},
face 6={ \calendar [dates=\any-06-01 to \any-06-last];},
face 7={ \calendar [dates=\any-07-01 to \any-07-last];},
face 8={ \calendar [dates=\any-08-01 to \any-08-last];},
face 9={ \calendar [dates=\any-09-01 to \any-09-last];},
face 10={\calendar [dates=\any-10-01 to \any-10-last];},
face 11={\calendar [dates=\any-11-01 to \any-11-last];},
face 12={\calendar [dates=\any-12-01 to \any-12-last];}