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Here's some general stuff to keep in mind, and some work that needs to be done:

  • If you'd like to contribute, here's some suggestions:
    • Features are currently up to date and mostly tested, but there are some areas where tests could be better. Check the codecov page and try to add tests those areas.
    • Nodeinfo is currently just documented by reference to the spec. It could be documented better.
    • Nodeinfo currently just retrieves the 2.0 spec version. It should likely attempt to retrieve other versions as well, trying to get the most recent one available.
    • There's some code duplication in places that could be lessened.
    • Other implementations of the Mastodon API as well as Mastodon forks exist - it may be good to try to support these:
      • Figure out what they do different and file issues / document it
      • Where code can be written to support alternate implementations or different features, write code to do this
      • Write tests specific to these features
      • We now have a "feature set" parameter to support these better.