Budget helps you control the bills and donations of your Mastodon server and to share your current finantial status with your users, by posting it via the Publisher bot.
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Budget helps you control your Mastodon's server bills and donations and share current financial status with your users by posting them via the publisher bot.


  • Python 3
  • Postgresql server
  • Mastodon's bot account


Within Python Virtual Environment:

  1. Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install needed Python libraries.

  2. Run python db-setup.py to setup and create new Postgresql database and needed tables in it.

  3. Run python setup.py to get your Mastodon's bot account tokens and to be able to post your server's financial status.

  4. Run python budget.py to manage or list your bills and donations.

  5. Run python addfee.py to add your regular fees.

  6. Use your favourite scheduling method to set python publisher.py to run regularly. It will post your finances to your fediverse server.