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# mastotuit
Publish automagically to Twitter all your Mastodon posts!
### Dependencies
- **Python 3**
- Postgresql server
- Mastodon user account
- Your personal Linux driven PC or laptop
### Usage:
Within Python Virtual Environment:
1. Run `pip install -r requirements.txt` to install needed libraries.
2. Run `python` to setup and create new Postgresql database and needed table in it and setup your Mastodon's account RSS feed in the format 'https://your.mastodon.server/@your_user.rss'
3. Run `python` to input and save your Twitter's key and access tokens. You can get your keys and tokens from [Twitter Developer Platform](
4. Run `python` to setup your Mastodon account access tokens.
5. Use your favourite scheduling method to set `python` to run every minute.
29.9.2021 **New Feature** Added support to media files! mastotuit now gets all media files from Mastodon's post (if any) and publish them to Twitter together with your status update.
2 years ago
7.10.2021 **New Feature** Added thread support! If you create a thread in Mastodon mastotuit will create the same thread on Twitter.
13.10.2021 Upgraded Tweepy library to v4.1.0
13.10.2021 **New Feature** Added video upload support! If video properties are according Twitter rules it will be uploaded.
1 year ago
14.2.2022 Upgraded Tweepy library to v4.5.0
14.2.2022 **New Feature** Polls support! Now your Mastodon's polls are replicated to Twitter and they can vote them!