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spla 432528e987 Fix #4 11 months ago
spla 31a4b0a6e2 Fix #3, not publishing attached images 11 months ago
spla 4f27e13c3a Changed to BeautifulSoup 1 year ago
spla 93e1fa2e08 Fix typo 1 year ago
spla fcc4d765b6 Update tweepy to 4.5.0 and...polls support! 1 year ago
spla b3025f73ca Update tweepy to 4.5.0 and...polls support! 1 year ago
spla d97153d245 refactored and added some error handles 1 year ago
spla b1b1718b67 Changed html parser from BeatifulSoup to html2text 1 year ago
spla 3ebc539285 Added suggested refactor from Minkiu 2 years ago
spla d344117604 Merge branch 'mr-origin-1' into 'master'
Example refactor  for`compose_tweet` method.

See merge request spla/mastotuit!2
2 years ago
Oscar Domingo 1d8fb19731 Fixup
Fixed slightly wrong logic.
2 years ago
Oscar Domingo e2588a6ecc Example refactor for`compose_tweet` method.
This commit was made after seeing the following toot:

And wondering if it could be improved, this is my take on it,
feel free to discard if not wanted/needed!
2 years ago
spla af5a373bcd Optimized code (-22 lines) and removed unneeded table feeds 2 years ago
spla 979d24984b Code optimization, removed 40 lines 2 years ago
spla ddda1fbee9 Updated 2 years ago
spla 471da32b11 Upgraded Tweepy to v4.1.0 and added video support 2 years ago
spla acb3f81d31 Code optimization 2 years ago
spla 89f16e8067 Cleaning code 2 years ago
spla 9e8fa9ccb1 Added thread support 2 years ago
spla b1f13bb2cb Added requirements.txt 2 years ago
spla 4647b62892 Removed because filename typo 2 years ago
spla 50cb717c23 Fixed tweet composing 2 years ago
spla 4a40fa43be Added support to media files 2 years ago
spla 6a5dd85774 some cosmetics 2 years ago
spla 6817cfdc58 Separate text and link by one space 2 years ago
spla f6b59b4de8 If post > 280 first tweet must be almost 280 characters 2 years ago
spla e098fac88c Only create API if new toots 2 years ago
spla 1160303498 Added LICENSE 2 years ago
spla 2443dbd77b Updated 2 years ago
spla 19e78342ca First mastotuit release! 2 years ago