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This Python code allows sign ups into a configured Pixelfed instance to all local users of a Mastodon server.


  • Python 3
  • Pixelfed running server with admin access account
  • Mastodon's bot account


From the Mastodon's server account where this bot is running:

@bot_username registre


  1. Clone this repo: git clone https://git.mastodont.cat/spla/pixcat.git target dir

  2. cd into your target dir and create the Python Virtual Environment: python3.x -m venv .

  3. Activate the Python Virtual Environment: source bin/activate

  4. Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install needed libraries.

  5. Run python pixcat.py to setup the Mastodon bot account and related bot's access tokens.

  6. Use your favourite scheduling method to set python pixcat.py to run every minute.