Python wrapper for the Akkoma ( ) API. (WIP)
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Python wrapper for the Akkoma ( API.

# Register your app! This only needs to be done once. Uncomment the code and substitute in your information.

from akkoma import Akkoma

client_id, client_secret = Akkoma.create_app(
    api_base_url = 'https://yourakkoma.instance'

# Then login. This can be done every time, or use persisted.

from akkoma import Akkoma

akkoma = Akkoma(client_id = "app_clientcred.txt", api_base_url = 'https://yourakkoma.instance')

grant_type = 'password'

to_file = "app_usercred.txt"

# To post, create an actual API instance.

from akkoma import Akkoma

akkoma = Akkoma(
    access_token = 'app_usercred.txt',
    api_base_url = 'https://yourakkoma.instance'
akkoma.status_post('Posting from python using !')