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# pixcat
This Python code allows sign ups into a configured Pixelfed instance to all local users of a Mastodon server.
### Dependencies
- **Python 3**
- Pixelfed running server with admin access account
- Mastodon's bot account
## Usage
From the Mastodon's server account where this bot is running:
@bot_username registre
## Installation
1. Clone this repo: git clone https://git.mastodont.cat/spla/pixcat.git `target dir`
2. cd into your `target dir` and create the Python Virtual Environment: `python3.x -m venv .`
3. Activate the Python Virtual Environment: `source bin/activate`
4. Run `pip install -r requirements.txt` to install needed libraries.
5. Run `python pixcat.py` to setup the Mastodon bot account and related bot's access tokens.
6. Use your favourite scheduling method to set `python pixcat.py` to run every minute.